“Since you wanted to know how well we did with oil, thought I would drop a line and say “hi” as well. We figured about 38% savings – used 490 gallons less than exact same period previous year. Thanks again – it’s a pleasure to do business with gentlemen.”  — M.W. (Sheepshead Bay)

Heating Oil Delivery & Fuel Burner Services In New York

Whether you’re looking for deliveries or service to your existing system, or are considering replacing or upgrading your older unit, our experts are here to provide you with the best possible service for your needs. With so many choices for heating your home today, it’s important to know you’re making not only an excellent heating choice, but an efficient and environmentally friendly choice as well. 

We have a deep commitment to providing our customers with sustainable and responsibly “green” fuels. It’s because of this that we are proud to specialize in Bioheat® – a renewable fuel which provides steady and significant home heat while operating super- clean, and lowering its carbon footprint in the process. Bioheat® fuel is also a safer option for homeowners because it significantly decreases the risks for exposure to carbon monoxide in comparison with other heat sources, and is non-explosive.  Want even more reasons to talk to us about our dedication to greener fuel sources? Homeowners who utilize Bioheat® fuel are eligible to apply for tax breaks for using cleaner heating fuels. 


When you need fuel oil / heating oil deliveries, or heating service for your home system, it’s important to know you have found a supplier you can trust. When it’s really cold outside or snowing, there’s no time to mess around when your heating system needs attention. You need fast, reliable service from someone you can trust to maintain your home’s comfort levels.

We understand how busy life can be – that’s why we offer several options to our customers to meet their particular servicing needs. We can arrange for your fuel deliveries to be fully managed by our staff (so you’ll never have to worry about calling for a delivery again) and we also offer will-call service which ensures you’ll only receive a delivery when you request it. In addition, we have unique options that are a combination of the two (ask or notify you before a delivery is made) – all to ensure you receive the best possible delivery service for your home. We also offer free burner tune-ups and regular maintenance service for our long-term customers without the need for an expensive yearly service contract (and save hundreds of dollars yearly).


With our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint with the clean, safe, and efficient Bioheat® fuels as well as our long-standing commitment to quality service, Cohler Fuel has remained your premier provider for residential and light-commercial fuel oil deliveries in the NYC area. We take pride in offering our customers the ease of carefree deliveries, the convenience and savings of no contract obligations, the peace of mind of our free standard annual burner tune-up for our regular customers, together with fair pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

For over four generations, we have been providing the area with trusted oil heat service as well as burner and boiler services. We have been in the business of keeping your home toasty, warm, and safe with fuel oil deliveries and professional heating service for over 80 years now. Our team has been committed to providing local customers with the highest quality products, maintenance and field expertise, making us a leader in the industry. Give us a call today to see how Cohler can make the difference for your home, apartment house, or light-commercial property.