Fuel Oil Delivery

How A Fuel Oil Delivery Works

Learn how fuel oil delivery works with this video.

Fuel Oil Delivery

We offer three options for fuel oil delivery: automatic, semi-automatic, and will-call.

Cohler Fuel Oil - Oil Meter


If you choose our automatic delivery option, you don’t need to call for oil deliveries. We determine when you’ll receive your next delivery based on the weather and your individual fuel usage. We always make sure you have a sufficient reserve of oil in your tank so that you never run out due to bad weather or other variations in fuel usage. It’s like having a pipeline on wheels that automatically refills your tank.


Some people who may not want automatic delivery, but are too busy to keep checking their fuel tank gauge, can use our exclusive semi-automatic delivery option. We keep track of your fuel usage and delivery schedule, and will either notify you a day or so in advance that we will be making a delivery, or will ask you if you want us to deliver, whichever is better for you.

Oil Delivery Truck - Cohler Fuel Oil

Our Fuel Oil Delivery Trucks

We have our own fleet of oil delivery trucks and don’t use third-party oil transporters on any regular basis. Because we use our own trucks, we can guarantee the quality and reliability of our oil and our oil deliveries. Our oil trucks are equipped with sealed computerized oil meters, which print not only the gallons delivered, but also the date and time of delivery, the price per gallon, and the invoice. For added security, our fuel delivery trucks are also monitored by GPS tracking so that we know where our trucks are located, and when they are delivering to your property.

Where We Deliver

We deliver fuel to most areas of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, as well as selected areas in Queens.