Bioheat® Home Heating Fuel

Bioheat® Home Heating Fuel

Bioheat® Home Heating Fuel
We heat both our home and yours with Bioheat®, a safe and reliable blend of renewable biodiesel and pure low sulfur #2 fuel oil. We use Bioheat® because it’s:

  • Renewable and Efficient – This new and “green” fuel keeps oil tanks clean, and burns cleaner, with fewer emissions. Bioheat® fuel is the gateway to a renewable energy future ™.
  • Warm – It has a white hot flame that maintains its fuel pressure in the most frigid weather, keeping your house warm when you need it the most.
  • Safe – It’s non-explosive and has a much lower risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Bioheat for New Homes - Cohler Fuel Oil

Tax Credit for Using Clean Heating Fuel

You may be eligible for the New York State Clean Heating Fuel tax credit if you use Bioheat® to heat your home or business. You can apply for the credit using these forms:

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